Global Giving to focus on African education this year


Global Giving, a club dedicated to raising money to provide children with resources for education and health care in underprivileged countries, is continuing this year, according to club sponsor Ryan Ringenberg.

“Last year was a great success with the fundraiser for the school in China,” Ringenberg said. “This year we chose a different organization and hopefully  will surpass our goal like we did last year.” According to Annie Tang, co-club president and senior, the club has chosen to help raise money for schools in Africa this year. “We finished the earthquake project in China and we hope to raise money for education in Africa,” Tang said.

To further their goal in raising money, the club held a booth at the Activities Fair on Wednesday Aug. 26, according to Tang. “Hopefully we’ll recruit new members this year. I think our group size will be about 10 to 20 members,” Tang said. She also said that the first call-out meeting will be some time after the Activities Fair. According to the Global Giving brochure, the club will hold meetings in room H208 every other Monday. Additional information of last year’s accomplishments can be found on the Global Giving website at

“This year we’re setting our goal at around $1500, like last year. Hopefully we’ll go over that amount this year too,” Tang said. To achieve this goal, the group will be planning on holding bake sales and various booths at events to raise money.

“I’m very pleased with the effort the group, and especially Annie and Michael’s effort with the cause. Hopefully this year will go as well, if not better,” Ringenberg said.