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Start Saving: As college looms, students should start saving for college prematurely.

Gabby Perelmuter, Reporter

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Money makes the world go round…right? So wouldn’t it be exciting to not have to ask your parents to turn their pockets inside out every time you need gas or food?

It has become more of a norm for students to have part-time jobs while also going to school full time. According to Georgetown University, 80 percent of high school students and 70 percent of college students work at least part time.

But, you’re into a business-specific class at Carmel, you never really know how to deal with money. You never learn how to earn it, save it and, most importantly, spend it wisely. I have had a part time job since the summer after my sophomore year and I believe this is why I have learned so many valuable skills about saving.

Of course, there are circumstances where involvement in school-sanctioned events takes precedence over having a job or life outside of school, but I still think it is extremely beneficial to have a job outside of school.

First, the faster you make your own connections and build your resume, the easier jobs will come in the future. Making good references is the key to success in the “real world.” Also, no matter where you work, you will most likely be earning experience, which in today’s world is extremely important for finding a job later in life. Not only that but also achieving internships in college that pay no money are based on you having paying jobs prior to it.

Second, learning to manage your money is important all around. If you are constantly given money and just blowing it off with no savings, something bad is bound to happen. What if tomorrow there was a situation where you could no longer work or your parents said no more to you asking for money? Where would you be? But if you had saved a portion of it in a savings account or a piggy bank or wherever else you prefer to save it, it wouldn’t have been a big deal and you would have a cushion of time to find a job without being completely broke. What is sad about today’s school system is that unless you are taking a class specifically for business, you never really understand how to invest your money properly.

Finally we have the issue of being broke in college. This problem is almost inevitable, and I’m sure we have all seen enough movies and heard enough stories of how awful it sounds to be broke in college. Being a senior, I have thought about this issue a lot; I have seen my older friends go through it and it has been sobering to see. Being broke in college is no fun at all, so the faster you start saving, the less broke you can end up being.

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