To Trade or Not To Trade: The Patriots’ decision not to trade Jimmy Garoppolo could have both positive, negative ramifications.


Kalea Miao, Management

In the 2017 NFL draft, the Patriots lost their first and second picks. Therefore, some speculated trading quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to recover this loss. However, from my perspective as a lifelong Patriots fan, the Garoppolo trade would have been a major mistake, and keeping him was the best decision for the Patriots to make this season.

First, consider Garoppolo’s sheer talent. Though it seems like quarterback Tom Brady’s dynasty will never end, he has officially entered his 40s and will eventually need an heir. This was foreshadowed with Brady’s “Deflategate” suspension and Garoppolo’s performance starting against both the Cardinals and Dolphins last season. Garoppolo’s already proven his skills as a starter, only strengthening the Patriots’ roster.

But Garoppolo brings more than just talent to the table. The Patriots quarterbacks—Brady, Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett—are affectionately dubbed the “Wolf Pack” by Brady and fans alike. The Wolf Pack represents the loyalty of Pats Nation and is one of the most iconic relationships in the team. In my opinion, breaking this brotherhood would symbolically break the loyalty between fans and the team, and sports teams are nothing without strong fanbases. Though the Foxboro Faithful would still live up to their name, I know the season wouldn’t feel right without all three quarterbacks there.

Overall, trading Garoppolo wouldn’t have benefitted him or the Patriots. In my opinion, Garoppolo could very much be the second coming of Brady, and the Patriots can’t let that go. Even though moving to another team could’ve given Garoppolo a chance to step out from under Brady’s shadow, it also would’ve meant a lose-lose situation where an amazing quarterback leaves the current best team in the league. So, considering the talent and hype Garoppolo brings to the team and the fans, I look forward to this upcoming season and believe we’ll only see more success from Garoppolo and the Patriots as a whole.

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