A Bad Apple. iPhone X not worth its hefty pricetag


Sam Shi, Reporter

Last month, apple revealed three new iPhones during its keynote event: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone X. With its completely redesigned build, the iPhone X stole the spotlight of the show. The iPhone X is to have a nearly edgeless, 5.8-inch, OLED display, which is larger than the iPhone 8 plus’s 5.5-inch display, except with no home button. Delving into the X’s processing power, the phone will have Apple’s new A11 bionic chip, which is the most powerful processing chip ever put in a smartphone. The completely redesigned phone will utilize facial recognition, which Apple claims is extremely quick and precise, even in low-light conditions or if there are any changes in the user’s face, such as a fresh beard.
But for all its fanfare and cutting-edge design, there are several reasons to not buy this phone. For those who are on a budget, the phone’s base $1,000 price tag is simply too expensive. Another drawback to this phone is the removal of the home button. Without the fingerprint scanner, users will have a less secure, more inconvenient process of unlocking the phone or returning to the home screen then available on older iPhones. If you have an iPhone X, in theory, someone else could simply point it at your face when you look toward them, unlocking the phone.
That being said, it is better to buy the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus rather than the iPhone X. One reason is that the true reliability of iPhone X’s new facial recognition has not yet been tested, but the convenience and precision of the fingerprint scanning the iPhone 8 utilizes has already been proven successful. The iPhone 8 is in many ways similar to the X, with the same new A11 bionic chip as the X, wireless charging and nearly identical camera qualities. Even though I agree the iPhone X may appear far superior to the iPhone 8, the price jump from iPhone 8 to X is not worth it when the two phones are already quite similar. Overall, the iPhone 8 is the best option because it has the irreplaceable home button, and the iPhone X is definitely a no-go.