Pizza Purists. Students should consider expanding their pizza topping selection

Misha Rekhter, Perspectives Editor

Cheese is the only flavor that will please everyone for sure.”
“But cheese is so boring… can we please get some other toppings?”
“Fine we can get pepperoni, but that’s it.”
I’m frustrated; I’m mad. This type of scenario unfolds basically every time my friends and family place a pizza order. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who loves pizza, I will never complain about the opportunity to eat it, but why, just one time, can a pizza not have other toppings?
I used to be the same way; I ate strictly cheese and pepperoni, assuming I had experienced everything pizza had to offer. However, recently, I have begun to experiment with different toppings—pineapple, pesto, banana peppers—and have been pleasantly surprised; these new toppings have been delicious. Nowadays, I try to be creative with my pizza. It’s different, it’s fun and most importantly, it still tastes good.
But of all the toppings, perhaps the most hotly contested one is pineapple. I understand this is a divisive stance, but sometimes pineapple on pizza is fine, even tasty. For those vocal anti-pineapple protesters, I’m not arguing you should always include pineapple on your pizzas, but you should try it before you aggressively dismiss it as a possibility. After slice after slice of bland cheese pizza, the tangy taste of pineapple can be a refreshing addition. Moreover, I would argue other unorthodox options such as pesto or barbecue-based sauces, ham or chicken protein options, or even simple banana peppers are worthy of consideration. I’m not urging for anyone to entirely reshape their pizza habits, just merely suggesting that the expansion of their palate could lead to new, intriguing pizzas in their futures.
The ramifications of these small changes could be profound, considering the amount of pizza a student at this school consumes. The expanding of one’s pizza horizons may not seem like the most pressing issue, but it’s an easy shift in perspective that could open the doorway to a culinary adventure. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile exploration capable of reshaping one’s pizza landscape forever.