Students to participate in first intramural dodgeball tournament on March 22

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By: Maria LaMagna <>

For the first time ever, the intramural program will host a dodgeball tournament on Saturday March 22 from noon to 6 p.m. Intramural co-sponsor Kathy Buck said that students should turn their applications in to an intramural sponsor to her or a member of the student board if they wish to participate.

Students may view a flyer for this event containing these details on the school Web site. They should also pay attention to announcements to find out more important news and upcoming dates.

The originality of the dodgeball tournament has received attention and curiosity from students so far. Senior Chad Russell said he found out about the tournament from watching announcements. He has already formed a competitive seven-person team. “I’ve only gotten to play dodgeball in gym classes back in elementary school,” Russell said. “I’m so excited to finally play by the official rules of the sport.”

In the meantime, the single elimination basketball tournament will continue. Teams will continue to play in the fieldhouse until the finals.

The intramural student board and sponsors have been selling tickets to the final basketball game. They cost $1, and students may buy them during lunch or SRT. These proceeds, along with those from the dodgeball tournament, will go toward Pennies for Lance. This charity, which proceeds from the final game went toward last year, is a scholarship fund that resource teacher Melanie Smith created in honor of her son, Lance. He was killed while serving in Iraq.