Parkour Playground: Junior Isaac Manlick trains for American Ninja Warrior

Jordyn Blakey

Why did you become interested in parkour?

I really started doing a lot of pull-ups. I’m a cross country and track runner. Sophomore year, I had a pretty bad injury, and I wasn’t able to run for six weeks, I had it again and I wasn’t able to run for three months. So in that time, I went to the gym and that led on to starting to learn how to do backflips, and stuff on the trampoline. I got a membership at Hoosier Heights, (and) then I just started climbing,

Why did you want to try out for American Ninja Warrior?

I’ve seen the show almost every single year since I’ve been able to watch it.

What are the hardest parts about parkour?

Getting over the fact that failure is always an option. If you go to an obstacle, there’s always a chance that you could fall and hurt yourself; but mentally if there’s an obstacle in front of you, you have to get over it.

What is the most fun part about parkour?

Achieving new goals, (like) an obstacle that you weren’t able to do a week ago, but now you can do a lot better. I think setting yourself smaller goals and achieving them is really awesome to see.