Convocation Controversy Statistics

Brian Zhang

We collected around 100 survey results over social media and 270 from going around to various lunches and collecting survey results from everyone. Almost all people were compliant.

Of the sophomores we sampled 51 said yes, 59 said no. Of the juniors, 54 said yes, 7 said no. Of the seniors, 24 said yes, 72 said no. Of the freshman we sampled, 9 said yes, 6 said no. We decided to not interview many freshman because they did not have the experience of an all-school convocation.

Of the females we sampled, 78 said yes, 125 said no. Of the males, 61 said yes, 106 said no.

We interviewed a total of 370 students.

We understand that there may be statistical error and misrepresentation of data.

Survey conducted by: Brian Zhang, Kelly Truax, Isabella White, and Sarah Kim