A Major Development: Orchestra students to share stage with Carmel Symphony Orchestra this Sunday


Jesse Cooper

Selin Oh, Camerata cellist and senior, reh- earses after school. She said one of the pieces they’re playing, “Dvorak Symphony No. 9,” is really special to her, and she’s excited to share it with other musicians.

Isabella White

This sunday at 4 p.m., for the first time, the CHS Symphony and Camerata orchestras, the most prestigious orchestras, will take the stage with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) at the Palladium. Selin Oh, Camerata cellist and senior, said she is extremely excited to be part of this event.

“It’s a unique experience you don’t get to have anywhere else,” Oh said.   

Tom Chen, CHS Symphony Orchestra director, explained the event further. He said the CHS orchestra students will share the stage with the CSO, sitting side-by-side with a CHS student on one stand and a professional on the other. The students have prepared the first, second and fourth movements of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9.

Amid all of this excitement, the students said they are working hard to ensure they are able to master the complex symphony.   

Oh said, “The music is very difficult. Getting it so we can play it technically proficient, but also adding the elements of musicality and emotion is all a very mature thing, so hopefully we’ll be able to put it together by the day of the concert.” 

While working hard and enduring intense preparation, these students focus on the rewards this experience will bring.

Chen said, “The biggest (benefit) is being able to play high-level, professional music literature in such close proximity with professional musicians. Also, the CSO director will be conducting them, so that’s another great opportunity for (the students) to be under the baton of a professional conductor.”

Angela Li
Cynthia Wan, Camerata violinist and junior, practices in class. She said playing with professionals make her look at music differently

Cynthia Wan, Camerata violinist and junior, said she participated in a similar event in Maryland and spoke of the unique opportunity it can bring.

“It’s a really great experience because you’re playing next to a professional musician,” Wan said. “For certain people, music is a possible career choice, so being able to ask questions to people who have gone into the field is really useful.” 

As these students continue to prepare for the concert, Chen said he is eager to see the event come to life.

“I just can’t wait for them to get into that first rehearsal with those professional musicians and just be able to hear the kind of sound they will make together,” Chen said. “I think that it’s going to be a really special thing for them.”