Carmel Electric Ensemble to host promo concert on Dec. 12


Playing on the electric violin, Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, practices the bowing skills and basics that she strongly advises other members of the Carmel Electric Ensemble to focus on until the first rehearsal and the promo concert set for Dec. 12. Yu said a reminder for the members is to “bring your bows so we can play.”

Kiersten Riedford

The Carmel Electric Ensemble is continuing to postpone rehearsals until the second semester of the school year but is looking to have a promo concert on Dec. 12 in the morning in the commons.

Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, said that the ensemble will meet at some point in the month of November.

Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said at the first rehearsal “(The members) will probably be figuring out their instruments and playing through some music, maybe with or without the electric instruments depending on how they feel about them.”

Yu said the ensemble will be performing in the commons the morning before their winter concert later that night. Yu also said the performance will be a good way to advertise for the orchestra’s winter concert.

Yu said, “Since it’s a winter concert we try to stick with a Christmas theme. Just holiday music probably, our club is a little smaller this year so I might also consider doing small ensembles, like quartets.”

Until the first rehearsal and the promo concert, both Ohly-Davis and Yu strongly advise members to be focusing on bowing skills and basics to be able to adjust more easily when the members transition to the electric instruments. By Kiersten Riedford