Junior Ellie Barnett sings for YouTube group Dae3


Veronica Teeter

YOUTUBE SENSATION: Junior Ellie Barnett records a video of her singing a cover. Barnett, along with two others from Nashville (Tenn.) formed the group Dae3 where they post videos on YouTube.

Christian Ledbetter

When do you find time to record with your group?

(My group mates) live in Nashville (Tenn.)  I live here now, so it’s whenever I come. Every three months we film five videos.

How do you choose video ideas or songs to cover?

We usually film three videos whenever we’re together and we all choose what we want to do. We usually try to stick to what’s popular at the time.

Were there YouTubers who inspired you to create Dae3?

There is this girl group called Cimorelli. They  reached out to us after our third video and they invited us to their Halloween party. So we went over there; it was really cool and we got to meet all of them and then we hung out with those girls a lot.

How has that distance affected your relationship?

It’s a lot better now. Because we know when we are with each other we have to get stuff done. We’re more productive now that we don’t see each other more often, but it is sad being away from them.

On that inevitable day when Dae3 disbands and you go separate ways what do you hope to think about looking back on Dae3?

Probably just all the memories. Because we’ve done a lot of baseball games in Nashville like the national anthem, we’ve been all over the place with that. The trips and the fun times.