Pack it Up: The Importance of Thoughtful Packaging [Biz Buzz]


Chloe Sun

Unfortunately, I am still in the process of scheduling interviews with a couple of small businesses, so in the meantime, let’s talk about the importance of packaging. Sure, making orders are great, but as an avid online shopper, I very much believe packaging is a big part of the customer experience–when you open an order and it’s packaged with love, handwritten notes, and the occasional sticker, candy, or extra present, the experience is indescribably better. I think this tweet from @corietjohnson pretty much sums it up:

“ppl on etsy are so extra. u order ONE pair of earrings and when u go to open the package a bunch of confetti, two starbursts and a love letter from the artist flies out… and i want nothing less”

So, here are some ways you can spice up your small businesses’ packaging–or, in the spirit of the gift-giving season, you can take these as general pointers on how to improve your gift packaging game! – Chloe

Handwritten Notes

A classic. A simple card, post-it or anything with a personalized note penned by you that can simply say “thank you” is great! It’s probably the easiest way to personalize orders and let customers know a real human that cares about their business made the product they hold in their hands.


A step up from the usual and really fun! Slipping in a couple of nice, non-specific stickers people can add to their laptops or water bottles is always nice and low-cost. If you want to go the extra mile, you can design your own to fit your brand. Check out sites like Sticker Mule, Stickerapp, or StickerGiant to order stickers with your custom designs.


This is a bulkier one and you do have to make sure it won’t spill or melt, that it’s individually wrapped and that it’s sanitary. Things like Pixie Sticks and Jolly Ranchers seem to be popular. Candy canes also work this time of the year!

Extra products

Some small businesses throw in complementary products like extra earrings or keychains which is always a welcome surprise if you can afford to do so! Another example is adding little gifts; for example, I throw in 3D-printed lotus tiles inspired by Avatar: the Last Airbender to every order of an Avatar-themed product I sell.

Business Cards

This may not matter as much to the customer as usable items like stickers or candy, but it does make your brand look a lot more professional! Since they’re small, you can produce these yourself using any simple design software and a printer.

Custom Packaging

Speaking of making your brand look professional, if you’re feeling super extra you can design custom packaging online–this includes tissue paper, mailers, boxes, stickers, tape, stamps, cards, and more. Noissue is a site I recommend for this!


This is the pink/white/gold packaging I’ve come to have for my Depop shop:

All in all, if you have the extra resources to make orders from your business memorable, personalized, and extra fun compared to the boring cardboard-and-plastic aesthetic of online shopping from bigger companies, go for it! It won’t go unnoticed. Case in point: