Athlete Spotlight: Will Heldt, varsity football player and senior, commits to Purdue University


Luke Miller

Will Heldt, varsity football player and senior walks out onto the field with his teammates. Heldt said the team atmosphere helps to motivate him during games.

Safin Khatri

What is your position and role on the football team? 

At Carmel, I am an outside linebacker, and in terms of my role, (I’m) just a senior leader on the team. In terms of Purdue, I’m transitioning to defensive line (DL), I’m gonna play DL down there.

Where did you commit to play football in college, and why?

I committed to Purdue in June, and the reason I decided to go there was because, first and foremost, the team atmosphere they have up there. I love all the people there and the coaches. It felt like a home to me. I felt like they can help me strive and achieve my goals. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced this year?

The biggest challenge this year has probably been opening the year out with two losses. That was pretty tough. Also the Warren (Central High School) loss recently was difficult, but the way we persevered and got back to work after those losses was really good I think.

How has football impacted you?

It impacted my whole life, I would say. It has changed who I am and really just set my morals the right way.

How will playing in college be different from high school?

It’s going to be different in all aspects. Everybody at the college level was one of, if not the best, player on their high school team, so the talent level is that much better. I’m really going to have to work hard to achieve my goals.