Review: Is the new Netflix show about Wednesday Addams worth a watch? [MUSE]


Ava Reddick

In this new comedy on Netflix, it covers the life of Wednesday Addams and what she goes through at Nevermore Academy. While she is there she discovers her psychic abilities, which she shares with her mother Morticia. While at this school she discovers that there is a monster around in the woods by the school attacking people who live in the town, and fellow classmates. Using her newfound abilities she tries to stop this monster and figure out who it is, while dealing with being a teenager at this new school.

I would say that this was a great show and it has had many views since it came out on Nov. 25. The directors really did a great job with choosing the actors and not getting to the mystery right away. Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday and does a great job showing what she is really like. The costume and makeup artists also do an amazing job from the dark hair and braids, to the clothing items chosen, as well as the makeup they use to make her look spooky, how she looked in the original Addams Family show, and the others’ shows.

They add so many people into the show which adds to Wednesday making more relationships with people, as well as not being so cold and understanding others. She makes friends with a girl name Enid, who is her roommate. At the beginning of the show Wednesday doesn’t want to make any friends at all, but by the end of the first season Wednesday and Enid become best friends, showing that Wednesday isn’t as cold as people think which also changes how she sees people. Wednesday also becomes friends with many others from Nevermore.

I think that this was a great watch, and I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery and spooky shows and a little romance here and there. This one is great!

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