Womens Wrestling prepares for State Finals


Junior Chloe de Leon wrestles against Penn on Nov. 19. De Leon said, “Everyone [on the team] is a surprise. I’ve had really low expectations for myself going into this season. I can do in practice, any moves I can learn in practice and actually execute well in a match, that’s a win for me. I don’t really have to win to feel proud of myself.” Photo submitted by source.

Katie Maurer and

Women’s Wrestling is preparing to wrestle on Jan. 13 for their State Final. The match begins at 11:00 a.m.

Junior Chloe de Leon has advanced to the State Finals alongside junior Zentavia Coatie. De Leon placed second after losing her last match while Coatie placed fourth. Freshman Josie Bellotti placed fifth. 

de Leon said, “I enjoy just wrestling and winning would just be a plus.” 

Women’s wrestling is on the IHSAA’s watchlist as a growing sport, so it is now eligible to be inducted into the IHSAA. 

Head Coach Ed Pendowski said, “[As I am] watching the girl’s compete in this sport, I think I’ve evolved as a coach. At first it was not like it was today, where now Carmel has its own separate practice, now they have meets that are just for girls.”