CHS has done exceptional job preparing seniors for college admissions


Staff Editorial

CHS has done a stellar job of preparing its seniors for college admissions and aiding seniors in the college application process. Through information events, regular messages and interactive opportunities, this school has equipped seniors with the information to succeed in their transition to college.

The move from high school to college is incredibly tricky and can be difficult to manage all at once. Students want to make sure to optimize their application, and doing so requires a plethora of knowledge on how the admissions system works in the first place. From scholarships to essay writing, it is a complicated process that requires countless amounts of time, consideration and effort. It can be especially confusing for families who have not been through the process before. Thus, this school’s extensive aid is quite commendable.

As the application process can take an enormous amount of time, counselors and others have made sure to begin preparation well before deadlines approached. As soon as last April, outgoing juniors and incoming seniors began receiving emails detailing topics like how to write college essays and how to pace yourself throughout the process.

These emails proved useful for many as they linked resources for students to improve their applications, such as the work of College Essay Guy, a bestselling author and expert in the field of college admissions. In discussions with many seniors, those that made sure to utilize these emails and their valuable substance emphasized how beneficial they were in completing college applications. Most importantly, these emails served as a pacer to allow students to go through the process gradually and stay on track.

Along with these emails, this school has offered countless information events and interactive activities for students to ask questions and learn more about college. For example, in just the summer alone, there were five different virtual workshops for students to learn about applications and how to improve their essays. Beyond these, there were also other events and sessions hosted by the College and Career Resource Center, such as college information nights and college essay help sessions.

Lastly, all of these materials were supplemented by multiple college visit information sessions where schools visited CHS and spoke with interested students about their college experience and process. These proved to be invaluable in helping students learn more about the schools they may potentially attend and ask questions firsthand from admissions representatives from these schools.

Overall, all of these resources proved to be very helpful for seniors looking to apply to college. CHS should be applauded for these initiatives and continue to organize such opportunities in years to come.