As winter approaches, no-bus zone should be eliminated for winter season


Jenny Li

With winter weather approaching, students who live in the no-bus zone range can not commute to school the same way they would during other seasons. Snow and ice on the ground makes it extremely difficult to travel if students bike, walk, or skateboard to school. I, myself, probably won’t ever be within the no-bus zone range considering the fact that I live on the complete opposite side of Carmel; however, some of my friends who live within the range face many problems: the biggest being their way of commuting to school during winter.

Getting to school isn’t the only obstacle that students who live in the no-bus zone face, as with the chilly weather incoming, sickness is bound to appear. There is a one mile range between their homes to the school and with the amount of time that students encounter with the cold weather, colds, flus, and other viruses will be in full swing. According to David Cennimo, an infectious disease expert at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, with COVID-19 precautions loosening this year, the number of flu cases rose from eight million to nearly 13 million.

Some might say that the students can just drive or hitch a ride with their friends or parents, but we have to take into consideration that many students are not of age to be driving and with our school starting at 9:05 a.m., many parents may already be at work, leaving no time to drive their children to school. If students do choose to drive to school or hitch a ride with their friends, the parking lot used for students can easily be overcrowded.

With the number of problems that arise from the winter weather, CHS should get rid of the no-bus zone for at least the winter weather. Giving students who live within the no-bus zone range a guaranteed ride to school will make sure students don’t have to worry about how they will commute to school. 

As ACE is underway, students should focus their attention on studying instead of worrying about whether or not they will even be able to get to school on time for their tests. Carmel Clay Schools’ mission statement says, “Carmel Clay Schools will provide opportunities for all students to realize their potential in an ever-changing world.” To live up to their standards, removing the worries of how students will commute to school will help students achieve their potential in an ever-growing world.