New ID policy is inefficient, administration should return to entering ID code on keypad

HiLite Staff

On Jan. 13, CHS implemented a new ID policy for all students and staff. Students must scan their physical ID cards at the cafeteria, media center and the attendance office.

According to Principal Tim Phares, some students entered another student’s ID number to purchase lunch.

Phares said, “We have had some concerns in the past about kids punching in other students’ numbers. You know, where (students) just walk up, pop in the number and go. The cafeteria doesn’t monitor who the student is, who the student looks like, things like that.”

We acknowledge this school’s efforts to increase student safety and efficiency and the policy seems to work for admission to the school building; however, the implementation of the new ID policy for the cafeteria is inefficient and needs to change.

First, it is inefficient for students to physically scan their IDs at lunch. Previously, students simply had to enter their code, but currently, students must physically scan their IDs while facing the barcode scanner. Since it requires time to find the correct scanning angle and distance from the scanner, the wait time to pay for one’s food in line is substantially longer. As a result, the allotted 30-minute lunch period for students has been shortened. Moreover, students who do not have their physical ID with them must wait until everyone else has been assisted before receiving lunch. A significant portion of their lunch period will already have elapsed by the time those students receive assistance.

Second, because this school didn’t require IDs first semester and implemented the policy in the second semester, it is likely that students lost their original IDs. The administration said if students have lost their ID, they can purchase a new ID card for $5 at the activities office, but students should not have to pay $5 when they were unaware that they needed it in the first place. Instead, the administration should give students a free ID replacement the first time.

Third, the cafeteria staff can, in fact, detect if a student is using someone else’s ID number. At the cafeteria lines, the cafeteria worker can record the items the student purchases on a monitor. After a student scanned their ID or entered their code, the monitor will display the student’s picture and grade. The employee can determine if the student is using their own account to make food purchases or not. This prevents students from using someone else’s account to buy food, therefore ensuring the protection of the students and staff at this school. 

In essence, the new ID implementation is inefficient for the cafeteria, and we, as a part of the student body, believe that this school should return to students entering their ID code using the keypad because it gives students more time to eat their lunch in safety and saves them from spending extra money on replacing a lost ID.