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Humans of CHS: Love Language

Junior Krishay Arora (Eddie Sun)

Junior Krishay Arora

My love language, I guess, (is) positive affirmations, (which is) just making me feel good about myself, giving me compliments. I expect to receive some (compliments) but at the same time, I will also give back.
One example is when someone called me tall one time, it felt pretty good because I don’t get called tall that often.




Sophomore Richard Geng (Eddie Sun)

Sophomore Richard Geng

My love language is words of affirmations. My favorite thing someone has said to me is, “You have a good griddy.” These words not only motivate me to hit the griddy better but they also make me feel content. It’s amazing how a simple compliment can make such a big impact on one’s life. Hearing their positive feedback was a validation of all the hard work and dedication I’ve put into perfecting my craft. It’s not just about hitting the griddy better, it’s about reaching a new level of understanding and appreciation for the art form.



Freshman Madeline Recker (Hibba Mahmood)

Freshman Madeline Recker

My love language is gift giving because I like reassurance that I matter to someone and I just like gifts. One of my favorite things that someone has done for me is when one of my friends gave me flowers and it made me feel really happy and special.







Senior Sarvagh “Sarvy” Shrianandh (Eddie Sun)

Senior Sarvagh “Sarvy” Shrianandh

I really like gift giving—not like really expensive but meaningful gifts. I remember one time for my birthday, a good friend of mine, instead of getting me something really expensive, she actually got me fifty rubber ducks and it was a really funny gift and was really thoughtful.






Senior Izzy Gossett (Hibba Mahmood)

Senior Izzy Gossett

My love language is quality time. My boyfriend was really sweet and he got us tickets to the movies right after Covid-19, around the time it first opened and I love movies so it was really exciting and I was really happy.


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