Humans of CHS: National Love your Pet Day

Eddie Sun and Hibba Mahmood

Junior Kate Belanger (Hibba Mahmood)

Junior Kate Belanger


I have a dog named Peppermint, and my favorite memory of her is when we got her because I got her on Christmas which is why her name is Peppermint. It was a surprise so it was really fun. 






Freshman Ilan Oliveira (Hibba Mahmood)

Freshman Ilan Oliveira

I have a dog named Ziggy. My favorite memory with my pet would be when I got him because I never had a dog before so getting him made me cry tears of joy.






Senior Tanay Acharya (Hibba Mahmood)

Senior Tanay Acharya


I have a mini labradoodle named Maui. My favorite memory would be probably just like when we got him because he was really tiny and he kinda hated us. But the first day, he was not potty trained so I just sat with him outside and I thought I lost him I was sitting in a chair and he was like inside the chair. 




Freshman Apurva Emani (Hibba Mahmood)

Freshman Apurva Emani

I have a dog named Marlo. My favorite memory with my pet is this one time he bit me in the armpit, and it was pretty painful but he’s cute.





Sophomore Henry Boyd (Hibba Mahmood)

Sophomore Henry Boyd


I have a dog named Sulley. My favorite memory would be when I first got her, she was so little and now she is a pretty big dog.