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Q&A with students, discussing Halloween and Friday the 13th superstitions

Senior Gabby Choi

Do you have any plans for this Friday the 13th?

I think this Friday I’m going to go visit the haunted house in my neighborhood. I’ve done it a couple of times in the past, but I’ve never actually explored it as much as I’ve planned to this time. My favorite part has to be dragging my sister in there (to the haunted house) because she’s really scared of it, so you know, it’s fun to get a little kick out of it. But I also like the adrenaline, like I like being scared but I also don’t. 

Do you believe in any Friday the 13th superstitions?

No, I don’t really believe in any superstitions or anything bad like that, but I did believe that bad things can happen on that day. I don’t believe anything haunted is happening, like ghosts or zombies, but I do believe that there are scary coincidences. Sometimes during the night I hear footsteps through my carpet, and one time on Friday the 13th when I was away on a trip, my mom went upstairs with a knife because she heard someone calling her name and coughing and we were all really scared, but we didn’t move out or anything and we didn’t do anything about it. I don’t think it was a psychological thing either because my mom and I both heard it, so I think it was just Friday the 13th.

What does Friday the 13th signify to you?

For me, it kind of just gets me in the mood for Halloween, which also just gets me really into the Halloween season which I really enjoy. I don’t think there’s a specific part that I love about the season, just a certain feeling you get of the whole thing and probably nostalgia too, like when you were a kid and getting ready for all the holidays with your family. I wouldn’t say there’s a specific tradition that I have, but if I had to choose it would be taking my little sister and her friends trick or treating.

Do you have a spooky memory related to Friday the 13th or the holiday season?

Well, there’s the thing with my mom and the knife, but there’s also this other thing with my SSRT teacher from last year. There was this huge mystery with my SSRT teacher where he told me that his birthday was July 4, but then I found out from the announcements it was something else like January 13. And then later on another teacher confirmed that July 4 was not his birthday. So I’ve always wondered why he lied about it and what happened that was so bad that he would lie about his birthday

Leying Yang

Sophomore Marion Longardner

Do you have any plans for Friday the 13th?

I plan on watching some scary movies, probably Halloween-themed movies to get me in the mood cause Friday the 13th is spooky and bad luck. I’ll probably watch a couple of fun ones like “Frankenweenie” o

r the “Corpse Bride.” My favorite Halloween movie, nostalgically speaking, probably has to be “The Nightmare Before Christmas” just because my family and I have always watched that together. We’re all big Tim Burton fans.

Do you believe in Friday the 13th superstitions?

I wouldn’t call myself a superstitious person but I would say that there is some truth to superstitions in the sense that you’re being more intuitive, like paying attention to things more often. It’s about being more intuitive, like if you see something come up, automatically you’ll start paying more attention to those types of things. It’s a skill that’s just built out of habit. Like one time, my mom pointed out that there was an orange car and how unusual that is, so now every time I see an orange car I pay attention to it to prove that it’s not uncommon. It’s just a skill that I picked up that allows me to feed into those creepy sort of ideas. But again, I wouldn’t consider myself someone who believes in Friday the 13th superstitions, more that I could see some sort of truth behind them.

Do you think Friday the 13th signifies Halloween?

I would say I associate (Friday the 13th) with Halloween. I don’t necessarily believe it’s the start of the Halloween season or anything, but I think it is a spooky day that gets me into the mood, especially with the whole “Friday the 13th” movie. My favorite part about the season has to be all the fun activities you do like carving pumpkins, dressing up and going to parties with friends and stuff like that. I’m a huge dressing-up fan. My favorite thing I’ve ever seen anyone dress up as was Glenda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz.” I saw that at the Irvington Halloween Festival near downtown Indianapolis. It was the most glittery and poofy dress I’ve ever seen.

Do you have any spooky memories related to Friday the thirteenth?

One Friday the 13th, my mom was driving us to school and we saw a black cat that just walked in front of our car while we were at a stop light. And we waited until it crossed the road obviously, but I found out that day after my brother came home from school he had sprained his ankle and had to be in a boot. And ever since then, I’ve always wondered if that cat had anything to do with it.

Junior Jonathan Li

Do you have any plans for Friday the 13th?

 I think I might just go out with some friends and do some spooky stuff together. We’re thinking of going to a Halloween party over break and during Halloween, just scaring each other.

Do you believe in any Friday the 13th superstitions/ what does Friday the 13th signify to you? 

I don’t believe in any specific superstitions, but I still get scared really easily by spooky things around this time. I really like the word spooky and now is the time I get to use it.

What do you love about the Hallooween season?

I hate horror movies because they are so spooky, but I like picking up horror manga. It doesn’t have to be around the “scary times” but reading horror mangas does seem to fit this month and time. My favorite horror manga or Webtoon is “Sweet Home,” which is about a guy trying to survive an apocalypse where people turn into monsters.

Do you have a favorite spooky memory related to Friday the 13th or the Halloween season?

I have a good memory of Halloween; it was when I was wearing a crocodile hat and the moment was just really fun. When I think of these times, I just recall eating candy and being spooky

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