Eshan Selvan, Unified track athlete and senior

Eshan Selvan, Unified track athlete and senior, poses with teammate and senior Mike Herod during a meet last season. Eshan said although there are no unified sports in college he would continue to participate in Special Olympics events.

Sarah Kim

April 15, 2020

How long have you been playing your sport? I’ve done unified and special Olympic sports for two years now. I started junior year, and have done Unified track, Unified football and Special Olympics tennis in the summer at CHS. What do you enjoy most about your sport?  My favorite part is ...

Senior athletes reflect on their experiences at CHS, spring season being cut short due to COVID-19

Reagan Smiley (bottom left), women's track runner and senior, poses with other senior track runners. Smiley said she is disappointed that the spring sports seasons were cut short.

Sarah Kim

April 15, 2020

Following the announcement that Indiana schools would remain closed for the remainder of the school year, the IHSAA also released a statement saying that all spring sports were officially canceled.  CHS Athletics Director Jim Inskeep explained the decision in relation to the state’s announceme...

Maintenance of Murray: Users, maintenance workers of Murray Stadium discuss importance of maintaining field

The fields in Murray Stadium are used year-round my multiple different sports. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said  most people do not expect the time needed to maintain the field.

Satvik Kandru

May 23, 2019

As fans of both the  lacrosse and soccer teams line up in the bleachers, the glowing lights of the Murray Stadium reflect on the painted white lines that run across the field. For an average student, this might not mean much, but for maintenance worker Fred Napier these white lines are a part of a ted...

Unifying a Family: CHS Unified Track members discuss connections, unity made through the club

Connor Weindorf, Unified Track member and junior, does a victory jump after completing an event at practice. According to Halle Throgmorton, Unified Track helper and junior, Unified Track provides a fun and competitive environment for participants.

Caleb Shaffer, Reporter

April 20, 2018

CHS is known for academic and athletic excellence. It’s home to 23 sports teams and competes against other schools around the state of Indiana. There is another sports team for students at CHS to interact with their peers who have intellectual and physical disabilities called the CHS Unified Track t...