Reference Materials

Click on the links below for PDF versions of important documents.

Reference materials:

2018-19 Style Manual (GMN)

HiLite application 2019-20

2016-17 Beat Report Assignments

2018-19 Student Name List (PDF)

2018-19 Student Name List (Excel Spreadsheet)

2017-18 teams list (HiLite) (PDF)

2018-19 Teacher List (alphabetical by department) (PDF)

2018-2019 Teacher List (alphabetical by teacher last name) (PDF)

Beats Events Calendar (story idea help)

FERPA Parent Permission Form


2015-2016 HiLite Page Editor Manual

2017-2018 HiLite Feature Section Manual

Semester 2 Online Requirement Completion Spreadsheet: 2017-2018 (HiLite)

Publications-application-2017-18 (HiLite/Pinnacle)

Indiana Student Publications Standards

2015-16 Forwarding List (HiLite)

Hemingway Story Editor

Résumé examples: Kardokus resume, Carnevale resume, Prandato resume, McNames resume, Magoffin resume

Design Competition

Design Contest Form

Logo Template (PDF)




Writing rubrics/checklists:

Written beat report checklist (HiLite)

Graphic beat checklist(HiLite)

Photo of the Day checklist (HiLite)

Writing Enterprise Story Rubric (HiLite)


Assignment History:

2013-14 Assignment Spreadsheet (HiLite)

2014-15 Assignment Spreadsheet (HiLite)



ACUMEN Manual Full (PDF)



Management (MGMT) Minutes

Welcome to HiLite Presentation

How to find story ideas

SnoFlow Story Updating Process

Basic Graphic Tutorial and Illustrator Shortcuts


Cutout Tutorial

Illustrator CS5 Tutorial

Interactive Graphics Tutorial

Wernke’s Statistics Presentation


Photo Basics MGMT Minute

Social Media

Improving Online Readership (Adam Gostomelsky ’17)


Setting Featured Post for Menu Bar Category

A Guide to Online Posting


Google Drive Setup Tutorial




Motivation GMN Departmental Survey

Motivation Departmental Survey (Google form)