Math Club to take AIME test March 14

In order to prepare for the coming math competitions, sophomore Natasha Crasta does her math problems. The difficult problems in her current math class will prepare her for the similar questions that will be on prestigious competitions such as AIME. MICHAEL LI / PHOTO


March 13, 2013

Last week, Math Club members took the AMC, which is a high level math competition. However, Math Club will not take time to rest before their next contest. “Everyone did extremely well in their AMC’s, but we still have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for the coming competitions,” Ma...

Math Club members to participate in American Math Competition on Feb. 20

Math Club members will take the AMC B test on Feb. 20 after school. Math Club sponsor Dan Perdun said he believes his students will find success. SCOTT LIU / PHOTO


February 20, 2013

On Feb. 20, 2013, Math Club students will take the AMC (American Math Competition) on various levels according to skill. After all the hard work the members have put into learning the various tricks and skills necessary for the math competition, they will soon see how the work has paid off. “I believe that everyone in Math Club is ready for the A...

Math Club preparing for second semester events


January 30, 2013

As second semester continues, Math Club is stepping up to the plate. They are starting to participate in the prestigious math competitions that come up. According to David Liang, club officer and junior, there will be a few new events that will take place during second semester. “Right now we are...

Math Club Continues Preparation


November 22, 2012

Math Club is preparing for success. According to David Liang, one of the three officers of Math Club, the club is off to a good start. “We’ve got a decent amount of members, and they’re all very motivated,” Liang said. The club started almost right after the school year started. There...

Especially in performance-based classes, student evaluations take different forms

Band teachers Michael Pote and Richard Saucedo discuss in band class. RISE affects classes like band through different evaluations, such as playing exams.


September 19, 2012

Before her audition for her sophomore year of band, Stephanie Caress, Wind Symphony I percussionist and junior, said that she remembers practicing timpani on five pillows laid upon the ground. Then, recalling the actual audition, she said, “I went into audition not knowing how to play full mallets,...

Students and teachers show mixed reactions to merit pay system

Math teacher Dan Perdun teaches his Algebra II class. Under the RISE merit pay system, teachers like Perdun would be evaluated based on the categories of planning, instruction, teacher leadership and professionalism. KATHLEEN BERTSCH / PHOTO


February 23, 2012

Along with the Gradual Release of Responsibility model (GRR), this school’s administration plans to adopt the Research-based Inclusive System of Evaluation (RISE), another model that includes student achievement and engagement in its judging criteria, this fall. According to Principal John Williams,...

Math Club to attend Rose Hulman Competition on Nov. 12


November 9, 2011

Math Club members and club sponsor Dan Perdun are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Rose Hulman Competition. The competition will occur on Nov. 12, 11 a.m. at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. “We have been practicing by using sample tests or the actual tests from previous years,” said ...