Senior Kelly Xiang adjusts the contrast on a photo of senior Sylvia Liu on Photoshop Express. Xiang said that photos can highlight people’s insecurities.

More Than Meets the Eye: As photo editing applications increase in prevalence, students, staff evaluate impact on self-image, confidence

Wendy Zhu May 23, 2019

As apps like Facetune have shot up in popularity over the course of the past few years, photo editing has become easier than ever. With a single tap or click, users are quickly able to erase any blemishes...

Alexis O’Brien, vice president and senior, explains the situation of interest in French Club. She said one thing to improve for next year is organization in terms of who is participating in which events.

French Club to open cooking class to language students on May 20

Daniel Lee May 16, 2018

Though French Club’s cooking class with Chef Sentissi, a Moroccan chef, was cancelled due to a lack of interest, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll, French Club officers decided to allow students outside...

'Rep Urself': CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

‘Rep Urself’: CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

Anushka Dasgupta March 23, 2018

With the advent of the Internet, social media and a wider range of mass media, teenagers today are far different from their predecessors. They use new slang words daily, each passing in and out of trends,...

Former president and senior Alexis O’Brien hands out plates during a French Club meeting. She said she was too busy to fulfill her role as French Club president, leaving senior Kelly Xiang to fill her place.

French Club to have a cooking class

Daniel Lee March 6, 2018

For March, French Club is looking to expand their cultural knowledge of French culture through cooking Moroccan food, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll. Carroll said, “We’re trying to get in contact...

Junior Kelly Xiang takes an order at Cold Stone Creamery. According to Xiang, working over break gives her something to do productively, which allows her to feel more responsible.

Working during the Holiday Season: Instead of relaxing over the holidays, some CHS students, staff have chosen to work

Raphael Li December 14, 2017

For many people, the holidays are a time to relax with family, but for junior Kelly Xiang, she said she’ll be spending much of her winter break working at Cold Stone Creamery. Xiang said she will work...

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