As American Sign Language is seen in more forms of media, we should reflect on how the deaf community is represented through entertainment

Riley Laferriere May 23, 2021

Before my eighth grade year, I knew almost nothing about deaf culture, American Sign Language (ASL) or the deaf community in general; but, after watching the Freeform series “Switched at Birth,” my...

Deaf Deaf World on Thursday 9/22

Deaf Deaf World on Thursday 9/22

Allen Zhang, Web Content Editor September 21, 2016

The annual Deaf Deaf World event is coming up on September 22 in the Blue Gold Gym. Teachers may choose to bring their students for a 25 minute session. Those attending will experience a simulated deaf...

ASL students volunteer in Sept. 27 Deaf Deaf World (DDW)

Author Archives September 25, 2013

The Sixth Annual Deaf Deaf World (DDW) event will take place on Sept. 27 in the upper gym, during the entire day, according to sponsor Joseph Wheeler. Each session will be 25 minutes, and participants...

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