ASL students volunteer in Sept. 27 Deaf Deaf World (DDW)

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The Sixth Annual Deaf Deaf World (DDW) event will take place on Sept. 27 in the upper gym, during the entire day, according to sponsor Joseph Wheeler. Each session will be 25 minutes, and participants will have the opportunity to learn to sign common phrases at various booths, with the assistance of American Sign Language (ASL) students.

During DDW, students will encounter scenarios or phrases, which prompt the student to look for signs on posters and get aid from ASL 2 students. When 15 of these phrases are completed, the participants will have completed their “mission” on the DDW passport given to them.

Wheeler said DDW was an activity he began many years ago. “DDW was an event that I started 11 years ago in Arizona. I thought that since most hearing people see deaf people in public places such as stores, I thought that DDW would be a great preparation for a such encounter in the ‘real world’ with deaf people,” he said.

According to Courtney Rechin, ASL 2 student and senior, their class has been preparing for two weeks. She said she has been printing out signs and practicing her sign language for DDW.

On average, Wheeler said, 1500 to 2000 students usually show up to DDW. “Seeing people learn signs and showing appreciation for the language is my favorite part about this event,” Wheeler said.

“(DDW) gives insight to what people who do sign language do every day,” Rechin said.