Follow the signs: CHS students use ASL beyond classroom in sports

Senior Taylor Gallagher signed to the girls on the deaf cheer team that she coaches to smile. Gallagher said learning ASL at the school has helped her communicate with her team, although it is still not always easy.

Olivia Childress

February 22, 2019

Senior Taylor Gallagher saw herself in the cheerleaders as they flipped through the air. Having cheered for seven years, she knew what was required from an assistant coach. But as familiar as she was with the sport, there was one large difference between her past experiences with cheer and the one th...

Photo Essay: Deaf Deaf World

Photo Essay: Deaf Deaf World

Caitlyn Burns

October 22, 2018

Simulated Silence: American Sign Language students host the tenth annual Deaf Deaf World

Simulated Silence: American Sign Language students host the tenth annual Deaf Deaf World

Hari Patel

September 29, 2017

“When I came to this school, I thought people should be more aware of the deaf and to celebrate the deaf awareness week which is always the last week of September.”

(Deaf)ining history

(Deaf)ining history

Raiha Zainab, Student Section reporter

March 17, 2017

Growing up, sophomore David Leffler lived a normal life with his family with one difference: his father, Andy Leffler, is deaf. When he was a baby, along with learning English like other children, David learned American Sign Language (ASL) and learned how to communicate with his parents non-verbally....

Deaf Deaf World on Thursday 9/22

Deaf Deaf World on Thursday 9/22

Allen Zhang, Web Content Editor

September 21, 2016

The annual Deaf Deaf World event is coming up on September 22 in the Blue Gold Gym. Teachers may choose to bring their students for a 25 minute session. Those attending will experience a simulated deaf environment. Here is the schedule of event times (provided by ASL teacher Joseph Wheeler): Period 1G Ses...

American Sign Language II students prepare for Deaf Deaf World Sept. 26

American Sign Language II students prepare for Deaf Deaf World Sept. 26


September 25, 2014

On Sept. 26, American Sign Language II (ASL) students will host Deaf Deaf World in the upper gym. The all-day event occurs yearly and has been growing since its inception. Students can attend at any time during the school day until doors close at 2:30 p.m., according to Joseph Wheeler, sponsor and...

Key Club to hold class officer elections

Darren Chang, Key Club member and sophomore, reads the Key Club agenda. Chang said he is excited to vote for the Key Club class officers on Oct. 2. MELISSA YAP / PHOTO


September 23, 2014

At the next meeting on Oct. 2, Key Club members will vote for class board members. These class officers will log hours and file  information. Students interested in applying for a position should turn in their applications by Sept. 25 to the Key Club office. Joe Philleo, Key Club president and junior, ...

ASL Club to attend Deaf Nation Expo on April 26


April 23, 2014

The ASL Club will make a visit to the Deaf Nation on April 26 at the  Indiana State Fairgrounds. The club has been planning the trip for a little over a month to the expo. Indianapolis is one of 10 cities to hold the event each year. “It’s an interesting event,” said ASL Club sponsor Joseph Wheeler. ...

ASL students volunteer in Sept. 27 Deaf Deaf World (DDW)

Author Archives

September 25, 2013

The Sixth Annual Deaf Deaf World (DDW) event will take place on Sept. 27 in the upper gym, during the entire day, according to sponsor Joseph Wheeler. Each session will be 25 minutes, and participants will have the opportunity to learn to sign common phrases at various booths, with the assistance of...

ASL Club to meet May 1


April 26, 2013

ASL Club plans to decide on its final few events for the semester at the next meeting on May 1 during SRT in room B200. Katie Connery, ASL Club President and senior, said “We still have to decide on an event, but we will definitely do this at our next meeting.” Club sponsor Joseph Wheeler said v...

ASL Club to meet on April 17


April 8, 2013

ASL Club will have its next meeting on April 17 during SRT in room B200. Katie Connery, ASL Club president and senior, said “We will talk about how the last event went, talk about the organization of events, and plan future events.” Club sponsor Joseph Wheeler said, “There are no upcoming events ...