Junior Class officers form prom committee


According the Junior Class sponsor Maureen Borto, the Junior Class officers have formed a prom committee to finalize the plans for prom, which is scheduled to take place on April 31.

Junior Class officer Avi Mishra said, “The prom committee will pretty much do everything besides make the reservations for things like food and music. We will be picking a theme and decorating for prom. The committee is open to ideas from class officers and students. If any students would like to give the prom committee any ideas for prom, just talk to one of the class officers in your grade.”

“These last two final months before prom are the most impor

tant because we will do most of our work, ranging from the decorations to the advertising, during this time. As March comes around I will start finalizing the plans for a caterer and DJ. This year prom will again be held at The Fountains,” Borto said. “The after-party is open to all grades, even the underclassmen, and it will be at Woodland Bowl. The after-party ticket cost will be included in the prom ticket cost, which has not been decided upon yet.

Mishra said, “Hopefully as prom rolls around, we will be well prepared. With so much planning done already, this prom is sure to be fun and enjoyable for everyone.” By Eric He