Student leaders consider first convocation a success

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On Aug. 12, student body president Terrance Lewis and speaker of the House Mo Issa hosted the first school-wide convocation of the 2011-2012 school year. They recognized the accomplishments of the 2011 softball team, the symphony orchestra and the 2011 women’s tennis team. Lewis said he considers the convocation a success.

“The (convocation) went well. The Senior Class showed a lot of leadership, very little booing and a lot of energy, so that shows me they’re going to be at a lot of events,” Lewis said.

Although senior classes from the past have had problems, Issa said there were very few problems this year.

“Seniors were going crazy, and I liked it. It was restrained, so we were doing a good job as a class,” Issa said. “The rest of the classes looked like they were having a good time as well.”

Lewis agrees that the Senior Class demonstrated leadership and kept themselves in line. He said that despite the initial jeering, the Senior Class generally supported the underclassman. However, he also said he would like to see more enthusiasm from the other classes.

“Seniors brought plenty of energy to the table, but I hope to see more energy from everybody besides the seniors,” he said.

Issa and Lewis will speak next at the Homecoming convocation on Sept. 16.

“I don’t know what I’d change (for the next convocation),” Issa said, “but Terrance and I both will try to be a bit more animated.”