Writing contest winners announced

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By Amy Flis

The winners of the Carmel High School Writing Contest have been determined, and the first place winners are Radhika Agarwal, Caroline Stephens and Alexandria Klutzke. The three categories are essay, short story, and poetry. Out of the 10 essay entries, 10 short story entries and 26 entries in poetry, pieces were selected in each category as the first, second and third place winners. The winners receive gift certificates of $15, $10 or $5 respectively.

Jerry Brickley, contest coordinator and English teacher, said, “I and all the other judges were really impressed with the level of writing, and it wasn’t easy to pick a one, two and three.”

The results are as follows

First place-       Radhika Agarwal            sophomore       “Citizenship in America”
Second place-  Brandon Kim                   senior                “Gone, But Never Forgotten”
Third place-     Jason Wing                      junior                “Hidden in the Midst of Fog”

Short story
First place-       Caroline Stephens          sophomore        “Home”
Second place-  Audrey Oliger                  sophomore        “Bridging Generations”
Third place-     Justin Groot                     junior                 “Life’s a Game”

First place-       Alexandria Klutzke        senior                 “If All the World’s Problems Could Fit in a Teacup”
Second place-  Molly Longest                 senior                 “I am a Puzzle”
Third place-     Vanessa Cox                    senior                 “Translucent as a Tear”