NHS applications due Feb. 24 by mail for any eligible juniors


Having just finished its carnation sale, NHS is now focusing on the induction of juniors to become senior members for next school year.

NHS recently sent out information to juniors eligible for application to NHS, and these juniors must send in their applications by Feb. 24 by way of U.S. mail.

According to NHS head sponsor Michele Satchwell, all three sponsors, including NHS assistant sponsors Tony Willis and Greer Trapkus-Harris, will examine the applications and make acceptances of next year’s new members by March 1.

Satchwell said, “We are winding up this year with the seniors and looking forward to inducting juniors next year. It’s been a wonderfully successful year.”

Furthermore, Satchwell claims that NHS has made immense progressions. She said, “We sold a record number of carnations this year which will allow us to contribute to a greater number of charities this year than ever before.”

Rachel Aker, NHS vice president and senior, is also impressed. She said, “It’s really great to see how many people (members) show up and are willing to help with events.”