Ambassadors preparing for trip to Europe over spring break


On April 2, the Ambassadors will be traveling to Europe to spend 12 days performing at two different venues and sightseeing. According to choral director Lamonte Kuskye, a performance entitled “Evening with the Ambassadors” will be taking place in Carmel on March 14 and 15 prior to the Europe trip so students and parents have a taste of what will be performed in Europe.

The Ambassadors will be performing an hour long show with the West End Kids in London and a 25 minute show at Disneyland Paris during their time in Europe. Although Kuskye said he is concerned with the fact that these venues do not have risers and the Ambassadors will have to learn all new choreography, he said, “They’re a talented group of kids and I know they can do it.” Kuskye also called this experience the trip of a lifetime, saying “It’ll be unsurpassed by any other concerts.”

Emma LaPlante, member of the Ambassadors and senior, said she has not travelled in a group since her eighth grade performing arts trip to Cincinnati. She said, “I have never had the opportunity to perform anywhere as incredible as London or Paris. Even if we go back to these places later in our lives, this is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime trip for all of us.”