Welcome to Second Generation!


Second generation Americans are people whose parents migrated to America from a different country. These Americans are the first in their families to be raised here and to be affected by their life in America. They have a different perception of the world because of the influences of two clashes cultures. Our blog intends to help outline and share the stories and insights of these Americans.



First we would like to identify ourselves:

The following statistics help to distinguish us.

77.9 percent of Americans only caucasian

13.1 percent are African American

The remaining 9 percent are other minorities


78.4 percent of Americans are Christians

16.1 percent are unaffiliated/refuse to answer

5.5 percent are other minorities


We are these people. We are the minority. Here’s a little bit more about us:

Hey there, I’m Nida Ali Khan. I’m a 16-year-old Muslim Indian American girl and a junior at Carmel High School. I was born in Indianapolis, IN, but my parents were originally from a North Indian town called Aligarh. Growing up I had influences of both traditional Indian, conservative culture from my parents and my community and more modern American culture from school and my friends. I love being this beautiful mixture of western and south Asian influences.

Hi, I’m Sreeti Ravi and I am a 16-year old Hindu Indian American and a junior at Carmel High School. I was born in Bangalore, India and came to the America when I was two. I am influenced by both the conservative Indian traditions from my parents and the Indian community and the modern American traditions from my everyday life. While I enjoy participating in Indian cultural activities, I equally enjoy being American.

We hope you continue to enjoy our journey as our blog progresses. Happy Reading!