Varsity Blues: How do students who take part in several sports balance them out?


Junior Stacy Morozov participates in 3 different sports. She said playing three sports helps her academically and keeps her focused.

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ALONG WITH CARMEL’S HIGHLY TALENTED ATHLETES, preseason practices and conditioning sessions have become part of every sport and have played huge roles in the way sports teams have performed in previous seasons. These practices are put in place to help sports teams warm up faster and hit the ground running and winning like Carmel always does, so that when it is time for the actual season to start, teams are well prepared and ready to win. But that preparation can come at a cost for athletes, particularly for the few here, like juniors Celene Funke and Stacy Morozov, who play multiple sports.

According to Funke, who plays three sports during the school year- soccer, basketball and softball- she has to manage her time extra well in order to keep both school and academics in check. Although practices and training took place over the summer for all three of her sports, she said that keeping up isn’t an issue because she enjoys being busy.

Similarly, Morozov, who also participates in three sports- cross-country, swimming and track and field teams- said with playing so many sports she doesn’t mind having a strict schedule. She has played three sports since freshman year and she also mentioned that playing three sports actually helps her academically and keeps her more focused. Having a schedule keeps her on track. 

“I’ve been doing this for two years going on three (years) now, and if anything it keeps me more focussed,” Morozov said. “I have a strict schedule as to what I need to do and when. I come home from practice at 6:30, have dinner and go straight into homework. I finish up, shower and go to bed. You just need to be sure to keep organized. I believe (playing three sports) and taking vigorous courses prepares you for the future better.”

According to Katie Kelly, assistant cross-country coach and social studies teacher, many students who participate in multiple sports use cross-country as a way to stay in shape for their other seasons.

For Funke, playing three sports wasn’t always part of the plan.

“I did (consider quitting) this summer because I plan on playing softball in college and the recruiting started to get more intense, but I ended up sticking with all three,” Funke said.

According to her, the preseason practices for basketball, soccer and her travel softball began over the summer, and she trained with all three of the teams.

Morozov also trained often during the summer.

“Currently, I am in cross country until Dec. 11, I begin swimming towards the end of October, but only attend morning practices due to cross country practices after school,” Morozov said.

In addition, some may wonder whether coaches would mind if students had to leave or skip certain practices to attend another practice for another sport.

According to Funke, most of the time her coaches are understanding.

“During time in season, we don’t have anyone who is going to other practices; we do have runners who are in other extracurricular activities that sometimes will have to leave, like the Ambassadors and sometimes the orchestra have performances that closely conflict with what we do,” Funke said.

Morozov said, “Considering I have been doing this for the past two years, my coaches understand my schedule. They know that I won’t slack off and help me work around other sports. They have never been dissatisfied if I miss a practice for another endurance sports because it is all about endurance.”

According to Kelly, the time that the sport sees the most athletes that compete in multiple sports is over the summer rather than during the school season.

Finally, being interconnected through the school with sports makes both Funke and Morozov feel like a bigger part of Carmel.

“I feel like I know more people and am much more connected throughout the school. I also love representing the school in every sport that I play,” Funke said.

Morozov said, “I can see the school from all different perspectives. It gives me pride to represent my school in three sports. Anyone can be a true greyhound as long as they are as involved as they can be.”