CHS students weigh in on benefits and disadvantages to new technology integration at CHS


Junior Joshua Fogel believes that the use of technology in classrooms will allow education to grow.


Question: Will the integration of new technology benefit education here at CHS?

“Everyone learns differently. I think this increased use in technology could be good in some ways, but it’s best if there are actual teacher interactions so that way they can gage what overall that class needs the most.” Dorothy Angelopoulos

“I think that the use of technology in classrooms will be beneficial because it gives access to the internet to students without distractions such as gaming apps, texting, and so on.” Sam Kim

“I believe that including technology will actually allow education to grow. If the school is providing technology to the students, the students will have less need to use their own devices, which could lead to texting and snapchatting. Students will be more on task while having access to internet at the same time.” Joshua Fogel