A Prince Among Principals: The commendable precedent set by Principal John Williams should be followed by his successor.

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Over the course of Principal John Williams’ 14 years at CHS, he has put in the time and effort to make this school a remarkable place. He has been an incredible leader, one who deserves recognition for the time and effort he has poured into this school, and his level of dedication has been evident in every day of his time here.

First, Williams goes out of his way to make personal connections with students. For example, Williams handed out suckers to students on the first day of school. Throughout the school year, he has stood in the commons during passing periods to shake hands with various students as they pass by him. During this brief interaction, he may smile and say a few words of encouragement to the student before he or she continues on their way to class. He has gone out of his way to attend numerous student events, games and performances, even those that are far away or take up more time than is preferable. In all these examples, Williams has proved himself to be not only a great administrator, but also one who is willing to take the time to support and interact with students individually.

Second, the HiLite staff also personally acknowledges and thanks Williams for not only supporting this school’s student press, but also working to ensure the HiLite can continue to operate as a free and independent press, unlike some other student publications that face more restrictions. Going against the judgement of many other principals in the state, Williams has gone above and beyond to make sure the student press here has the liberty to produce award-winning work.

Overall, the HiLite staff commends and thanks Williams for his level of caring and commitment to CHS over his years as principal. Without his style of leadership, this school would be an exceedingly different place for students to attend. Williams has made CHS a place of quality education, and he will be missed. Though Williams will retire at the end of the school year, his legacy will endure far into the future.

Whoever Superintendent Nicholas Wahl chooses as Williams’ successor for next year, the new principal will have large shoes to fill. This school’s next leader should be just as willing as Williams to put in the extra hours and effort to create a personal connection with students. He or she should be ready to be as incredibly dedicated and involved in CHS activities as Williams has been. This person does not need to copy his every move or attempt to replicate his style of leadership exactly, but he or she should accept the high standards Williams has left for him or her to meet. In addition, as Williams takes his final bow and exits the stage of CHS, the students and staff of this school should accept and support his successor. Williams will be remembered for his superb job of running CHS, and hopefully the next principal will continue this legacy of greatness.


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