Teens for Life club continues to look for sponsor, plans for national adoption month events


Sophia Tragesser, Teens for Life president and senior, and Michael Greener, Teens for Life treasurer and junior, meet in the library to discuss future club plans. The club has not found a sponsor yet, and the members have scheduled meeting with possible sponsors throughout the week. ​

Anushka Dasgupta

According to Sophia Tragesser, Teens for Life club president, Teens for Life club has not yet found a sponsor for this year and has meetings scheduled with possible sponsors throughout the next week. Tragesser said she encourages students to join the club, and to let her know if they have a possible sponsor in mind. If the club does not find a sponsor within the next week, the members will continue as a club outside of school and meet at the Carmel Clay Public Library.

Besides looking for a sponsor, the club has multiple plans and events in mind for the near future. Tragesser said “National adoption month is every November so we want to do something for that. We wanted to do a video of stories of kids, parents and teachers in Carmel and how adoption impacted their life.”

Tragesser said her and other club members will attend an anti-abortion convention in Indianapolis in October. Right to Life of Indianapolis annually hosts this event, which is called the Celebrate Life Dinner. Tragesser and her sister will also speak at a church in Plainfield concerning the anti-abortion poster taken down last year.

Michael Greener, Teens for Life treasurer and junior, said “We want to make the club time after school more focused to get more done and have time where we can informally hang out separately. We are going to have a separate theme for each month of school to have a focus and direction for what we do.”

Greener said the club plans on meeting every after school every blue Thursday once the members find a sponsor. Greener said, “People should join Teens for Life because they need to be aware of the crisis in our world. Abortion has killed millions in the last few years and that is more than terrifying to think about.”

Tragesser said, “This year we want to talk more about other issues surrounding abortion like adoption, that goes hand in hand with our mission. We also want to promote activities regarding disabled children, because of the high prevalence of down syndrome abortions. We want to work on incorporating that.”