Carrying on the Legacy

Selena Liu

Tim Metken

Describe your role as SBP.

So there’s the Senate, and that’s what I oversee and get to be a part of. We put on a lot of (the) homecoming festivities; there’s two blood drives every year, there’s the winter dance, and a few other random (events). Also, a lot of us help out with raising money for Riley Hospital through dance marathon and stuff, and we (do) a lot in those events.

Why did you decide to run?

My sophomore year, I got to work with Mike Pitz, and I really looked up to him. He pushed me to run, even though it was a year and a half in advance, he was like “you know, I think you’d be great.” I took that to heart and went with it.

What are your goals for this coming school year?

I’d love to see people just getting excited for school events. I know it’s hard- at least for me- to have a pinpoint goal for the school, but I’d love for friends to just be like, “Hey, I’m excited to go to your, whatever” or “I’m excited to go donate blood.” That’d be really cool, and (it would feel) really fulfilling to see that.

What’s your favorite thing about Carmel?

I love that there is something for everyone. I saw this through my brothers; one of them, his thing was going to football games and basketball games and he loved doing that. The other one was super involved in tech theater. I’m seeing it in myself (too), like how I run, and I’m getting a lot through student government. We all love it at Carmel.

Name one event you think everyone should go to, and why.

On the “non-Riley” side of things, I would say the winter dance. That is always underappreciated, and no one has gone to the winter dance. It’s like a party in the Field House, and it’s awesome. It’s (also) after a basketball game, so you’re already pretty excited. That’s an underrated one.

What do you think you can bring to the role that no one else has before you?

I feel like I’m always super positive. I am gonna come in here, and just be enthusiastic about every single thing possible. Not (just) our events, going to the random soccer games, or stuff like that. In short terms, must my positivity and enthusiasm.

Neil Walker-Simmons

Explain your position.

A big part of (my position) is tying the community back to the school, so, doing events for Riley’s Children’s Hospital and the Caroline Symmes Foundation through Tailgate for Life, and the paint war that we do every year. I would say that’s probably my biggest role, being in charge of that area.

Why did you decide to run?

I decided to run because I’ve been doing this since sophomore year, which is the earliest year you can start getting into this kind of thing, and I just loved the atmosphere, loved the people, and I love the cause as well. I wanted to get even deeper into that senior year, because I didn’t think I’d have a lot going on.

What is one event you think everyone should go to during their time at CHS?

Carmel Dance Marathon, I think it’s an amazing night. If you’ve never been, it’s something you should definitely go and try out even if you’re nervous about it. The best part is that if you’re going because of your friends, it lets you do that. It’s a very flexible event and I think it’s a very fun thing to do.

What’s your favorite thing about CHS?

I guess what I love is how many people there are. Whenever I talk to someone who knows someone (else) at CHS, I’m always amazed by the fact that I still don’t even know who this person is. I just like seeing new faces every day, which is cool.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, I feel like when people think (of) school they think (of) backpacks, pencils and all the hard work that it entails. But the fun stuff we do on the weekends is what balances it out. So if you’re just doing school, then there’s nothing fun to it.

By Selena Liu