Environmental Action Club begins planning for first semester


Laasya Mamidipalli

Kian Robinson, club member and junior, reads an article in a magazine about green initiatives.

Laasya Mamidipalli

Environmental Action Club is brainstorming ideas for new initiatives they will take to make the school more environmentally friendly.

Kian Robinson, club member and junior says, “This year our primary focus is on community involvement. Awareness is a big thing, but it means nothing if we can’t get people to do anything about the given issue.”

Brian Yuan, club member and sophomore, says other members like him have joined this year to increase the number of students who are taking the responsibility of spreading the word about caring for the environment through simple everyday changes.

“In terms of climate change, we’re planning on trying to interact with local organizations and politicians to get things done,” Robinson says. “While there’s always a limit to what we can do and accomplish, as citizens of this country and this planet it’s our duty up push those limits and fix the things we’ve caused to happen.”

Club sponsor Kara House says she would like to see more new faces in the club so that the students will be able to make a bigger difference.