CRU Club to do See You At The Pole


Jen Bubp, co-sponsor of CRU Club(left) and Nicole Palmer(right) look at a piece of art. See You At The Pole will take place on Sept. 26 before school at the flagpole.

Marvin Fan

CRU Club is going to have its first event, See You At The Pole, on Sept. 26 at 7 a.m. before school at the flagpole. Mason Crum, student leader of CRU Club and junior, said via email, “Many Christian clubs along with CRU join in on this nation wide event and we all go to the flagpole at our school and pray and thank the lord for all he has done.”

As a nationwide event, other schools across the country will also be participating at their schools.

CRU Club has met three times since the initial call-out meeting, and the changed format to emphasize more on students is getting good feedback from members.

Jen Bubp, co-sponsor of CRU Club, said, “The students definitely feel more connected this year… You may not have had an opportunity to talk with anyone.” Student leaders such as Crum makes sure everything’s good in CRU Club member’s lives. By Marvin Fan