Teens with a Choice focuses on managing plans, planning sex ed talk


Teens with a Choice members attend a meeting. The club plans to host multiple series of a sexual education talk.

Anushka Dasgupta

According to Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and senior, Teens with a Choice will have a meeting Nov. 14. At the meeting, the club plans on furthering its fundraising efforts.

Matsuki said, “So we’re a little behind right now just because of how busy all the leadership is, but in general terms I think that the fundraiser is going to be of the same nature as last year but on a bigger scale. We have more dedicated members this year who will be able to contribute to the fundraising efforts, so that means we can have a bigger impact.”

Sponsor Chad Andrews said he agreed the club has not made serious progress in planning the fundraisers in the last month. He said the club will continue to find new leadership.

He said, “As far as I understand, there hasn’t been any serious project in the last month, we’ve only had one meeting. I think they’re still continuing on their plans on finding new leadership to pass down.”

Matsuki said the club still plans on hosting the sex ed talk, but there seems to be a lot more planning involved than they initially thought.

She said, “In terms of the talk, I’ve been going over with the other leaders of Teens With a Choice, about how we can best go about this. I think that it may end up being postponed or be made into smaller, more manageable pieces, like a series. At this point, it’s going to take a lot more concrete planning.”