AVID teaches students about Cornell notes


Myles Embry, AVID student and sophomore, spends time studying for his many classes. “AVID helps me be more organized and definitely makes studying easier for me.”

Pranav Jothirajah

Throughout the year, AVID teaches students many skills. Currently, teachers are teaching students about Cornell notes.

According to Jamie Newcomer, AVID coordinator, Cornell notes are not required, but they are an option to help students be more organized.

She said, “Cornell notes are something that won’t work for everyone. Some students may like it and they may feel that it helps them be more organized. Others may dislike it. It truly just depends on the student.”

Myles Embry, AVID student and sophomore, does not take Cornell notes, but believes they can be helpful in certain situations.

He said, “ Cornell notes can be helpful if you want your notes to be more organized. I don’t really have a need for it, but it can be useful is some cases.”  By Pranav Jothirajah