CHS women’s swimming team preparing for meet at North Central


Both swimming teams warm-up before an afternoon practice. “We practice twice a day, once before school and once after,” Busha said.

Satvik Kandru

The women’s swimming team is getting ready for the opening stretch of their season. The expectations for the team are still very high, as they look to repeat as state champions again.

“We have really got into the swing of things due to the fact that we have been practicing almost every day for the last few weeks and everybody is working hard,” Lauren Busha, varsity swimmer and senior, said.

Busha says that she believes that starting the season on a good note is a key component to a successful season.

“A lot of swimming is about talent and hard work but team swimming has a lot to do with momentum, and if we get off to a strong start that will help us transition to the middle of the season and then to the postseason,” Busha said.

Head Coach Chris Plumb said that the girls have been maintaining a consistent schedule and putting a great amount of effort into training and practices thus far.

“Being a swimmer takes a lot of commitment, the schedule is rigorous and every swimmer has shown commitment and a great work ethic this season and it’s looking good,” Plumb said.