WHJE to start broadcasting ice hockey, new news segment


In the recording booth, Abby Draper, head of the news department and senior, live records her new game segment. Draper has created a new a show called “The Band Stand” and said she is excited for listeners to hear the new content.

Amy Tian

Dominic James, head advisor of WHJE, said, “Recently we have just started covering ice hockey, which has never been done before, and that is (broadcasted) late on Saturday nights.”

The radio station is also planning to upload a lot more of its work onto the website, especially podcasts. There was an additional feature that was added mobily through the app Tune In. Listeners can ask Alexa or Siri to play WHJE and/or specific podcasts.

Abby Draper, head of the news department and senior, said, “For WHJE, I’ve started a new show called ‘The Band Stand.’ I’ve partnered with Alt 103.3, an indie radio station,”

Draper has gotten the opportunity to go backstage during the Alt 103.3 Christmas Concert and was able to interview AJR Brothers and the Struts. The interviews will be broadcasted within the upcoming week and also uploaded onto the WHJE website.  By Amy Tian