Turning it Around: Dancer, junior Kendyl Smith commends creation of pointe shoes in new skin tones

Kendyl Smith

I am excited that different shades of pointe shoes and tights that match diverse skin tones are being produced, especially since the art of ballet itself is expanding into other genres. I believe it is the perfect time to start infusing different skin tones of pointe shoes to match the diverse ways of dance.

When it comes to having only one main color of shoes or tights, it binds the dancer to the way other people think dance should be, just because it has always been that way. Another way of putting it, simply producing and allowing there to be different skin tones of shoes also pushes the boundaries and stereotypes that say other races can’t do ballet, or they are making ballet worse. In fact, dancers of color are expanding ballet and other forms of dance into something better than before.Veronica Teeter

Just because people can’t see the new possibilities of dancing doesn’t mean there aren’t any. No single human being is alike; everyone has something that makes them different, and I believe every human has a purpose to create something new. When it comes to a choreographed dance, everyone might be doing the same movement, and no matter how coordinated they are, every person has a different feeling, facial expression and style when performing. That is why it is so beautiful to watch a performance because of the art and care that is put into it. That’s what makes new dances and genres of dance different and interesting; it’s the people who make them and who genuinely enjoy them that make new dances different and enjoyable.Karen Zhang

The people of this generation like to speak their minds and won’t settle or stand for anyone putting them down and shutting them out. Just making new skin tones for shoes or tights is another door being opened for more people of color and other races to show who they are, create something new and break boundaries.

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Smith has been dancing for nine years. Although she does not dance at a formal studio, Smith dances at her church and at CHS.