CHTV Will Cover Lacrosse

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV will offer coverage of lacrosse this spring. CHTV teacher Eric Marty said CHTV will cover the sport through the YouTube channel, with plans of covering it live on the website currently in development. Viewers can see the games around 20 minutes after they have ended.

Additionally, the website is almost done as most of the redesigns are complete. However, according to Marty, CHTV won’t release the website yet, as students will be working on news briefs before launch.

“We kinda wanna wait to push that out, to actually have content before we do it.” said Marty.

The CHTV staff rediscovered the website and has been updating it to fit the modern needs of CHTV; it will feature exclusive content that won’t be available on the CHTV YouTube channel.

CHTV students have submitted concepts and have begun the shot planning phase, with plans to start production in the following weeks. Maria Saam, editor in chief and senior explained the process that goes behind creating a video magazine. The production cycle is lasts three weeks and consists of pre-production, filming and editing. Pre-production consists of creating storyboards and mapping out concepts. “(Pre-production) is usually the hardest, but fastest process,” said Saam. Filming consists of scheduling and deciding what to shoot, and according to Saam is the most time-consuming part. Last is editing, for which Saam said, “You just have to sit down and work…which could take multiple hours.” By Christian Ledbetter