CHTV changes plans for web series

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV will now be formatting their webseries as a video magazine. This decision was made after focus testing that occurred during December 2018. CHTV adviser Eric Marty said the goal was to present a more cohesive theme through the videos.

Chase Sauthard, CHTV staff member and senior, said the goal was to create the best show possible and stay organized as he and his group came up with new ideas. Sauthard also spoke about his group’s video for the webseries project. He said, “What we did was ‘CHTV at night.’ We would take just a normal episode, but we’d make it different by posting it during night time on the show. We’d have to come up with new ideas kind of make it more of an entertainment style show but keep that newsworthy sense.” The video magazine is a project created by CHTV and will showcase different genres made by students in teams of varying sizes.

Additionally, CHTV will soon be starting their own websit where they will upload produced content and short written pieces. They will still upload to their Youtube channel.  By Christian Ledbetter