Maintenance department to continue preventative maintenance, clear snow


Maintenance technician Fred Sheats checks the air handlers throughout the building, on the computer, to make sure the heat throughout the building is working correctly. The colored bars help the maintenance staff keep track of the different temperatures throughout the building and help locate potential problems.

Lillian He

Throughout the next month, the maintenance department will continue preventative maintenance. According to maintenance technician Fred Sheats, “(Preventative maintenance) means you’re troubleshooting, looking at things and making sure its running good before it fails. You want to fix any problems before they come up.”
Sheats said this preventative maintenance includes “working on heating and ventilation throughout the building, keeping the furnaces running the boilers running…changing filters.”
Additionally, the maintenance department is also continuing to clear the walkways around the school of any evidence of the winter weather.
Sheats said, “(The snow) makes our jobs harder because we’re also in responsible for snow and ice removal…we have to jump in and get the snow fixed before we can go back to our regular duties.”
Olivia White, sophomore and student driver, said “I’m really thankful for everything the maintenance department does… the cleared snow makes the morning so much easier…even though the temperature in the building can be kind of crazy I know it would be much worse without (the maintenance staff).”