Senate to expand March Madness tournament bracket


Student body president Tim Metken drafts up an email announcing the March Madness bracket competition. According to Metken, this is a new initiative that will allow even kindergarteners to participate.

Heidi Peng

According to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and social studies teacher, Senate has just decided to expand the March Madness bracket competition to the entire Carmel Clay School District.

Student body president Tim Metken said, “ This (idea) came from a Principal’s Advisory Committee meeting, and CHS Principal Dr. Tom Harmas and Superintendent Dr. Michael Beresford thought it would be cool if we did something a little extra this year.”

Metken added that after the spring blood drive is still one of the top priorities for Senate.

“We’re gonna keep pushing for that, especially during lunch and texting out the link to people…about the blood drive,” he said.

Currently, Foutz said Senate is primarily working through the logistics of sending out the March Madness bracket competition email to the entire district through a process of reaching out to building contacts.

Despite potential obstacles, Metken said he believes this year’s March Madness competition will be great.

Metken said, “There’s going to be a normal high school (competition) where each SRT can make (a bracket) and then there’s going to be one with middle schools and elementary schools. It would be really cool to see some underdog kindergarten squad coming up to beat…the defending champions.” By Heidi Peng.